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Transition from renting to owning a cash-flowing property in just 60 days with our comprehensive coaching and support.

Our proven system makes it easy to build long-term wealth and pave the way to owning your dream home.

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First Time Multi-Family Buyer Clients

are you Sick of watching your hard-earned money disappear into rent?

You deserve better than simply paying someone else's mortgage while your dreams of owning the perfect home slip further away.

So Imagine this...

You owning a property that not only pays for itself but also generates passive income. With our 60-day program, you can turn the tables on renting and start building a portfolio of cash-flowing multi-family properties. Our expert guidance and comprehensive support make the transition easy, allowing you to create a path to your dream home.

Now the choice is yours. If you continue to rent you're going to be stuck in exact same place next year paying someone else's mortgage...

Or you could take action today and start your journey to your financial freedom and owning your own dream home.

The key is getting qualified, educated, and taking confident steps forward based on a strategic plan tailored to your goals.

Do you feel like it's getting harder to buy a home?

For generations, the American Dream has been synonymous with owning a home. But in recent years, that dream has felt increasingly out of reach for many aspiring homeowners. Skyrocketing home prices, limited inventory, and intense competition have made the path to homeownership more challenging than ever.

You've worked hard, saved diligently, and yet, the dream of owning your perfect home seems to be slipping further away with each passing year. The frustration is real – watching home prices rise faster than your savings, being outbid by cash buyers, and feeling like you'll never escape the cycle of renting.

But what if there was another way? A smarter approach that could help you build equity, generate passive income, and ultimately pave the way to your dream home?

But here’s the good news – there is a way out of this cycle

A way to take control of your financial future, build generation wealth, and it starts with owning a multi-family property.

Let us guide you in how 'House Hacking' can be your practical solution to move away from renting and confidently step into owning your own property.

From Renting to the Ultimate Home Ownership

Quick and Efficient

We help you go from renting to buying a multi-family in as little as 60-days

Our 60 Day program is all about getting you into the right multi-family property quickly and smartly. We'll work with you closely, offering personalized advice to help you find a property that fits your budget perfectly.

Every week, we'll visit a few potential properties together. We'll make sure each one matches what you're looking for financially and in terms of your lifestyle. This part of the program is really about setting you up for success in owning property and building your wealth over time.

Expert Guidance in Property Selection

We Provide a Designated Multi-Family Expert for Property Tours

Every week, we'll take you to see 2-3 properties that we’ve picked out based on what you can afford and what you're looking for. It's more than just showing you around; we'll share insights on each place, helping you understand why it could be a good fit for you.

We'll spend about an hour together on these tours, and there will be time for a chat afterward where you can ask any questions. This part of the process is about making sure you have all the info you need to make a solid decision about your investment.

Practical Advice

We Offer Weekly Private Group Coaching and Personalized Support

Along with showing you properties, we're here to give you straightforward financial advice and real-world insights about the property market. You'll get personal help from our mortgage advisor to sort out your finances, so you can make decisions that make sense for you.

We also hook you up with a bunch of useful tools and some property listings that aren't just out there for everyone. At this point, it's all about making sure you've got the know-how and the confidence to make good property investments, even when the market gets a bit tricky.

Full-Service Property and Tenant Management

We Manage The Tenants, Turnover, and More for You

This part of our service is about taking the weight of property management off your shoulders. We handle the nitty-gritty, like picking out good tenants and dealing with any surprises that come up.

Our all-around management makes sure your property stays in top shape and keeps the tenants content. So, you get to reap the rewards of being a property owner without sweating the small stuff. This frees up your time to concentrate on the bigger picture of your investment goals.

Exclusive Access, Updates, and Off-Market Opportunities

stay ahead with insider market insights & Snag opportunities

Receive alerts on new multi-family listings matching your criteria, as soon as they hit the market.

Also receive off-market opportunities if working with our exclusive buyer agents.

Total Property Care

Finding, Financing, and Management Made Easy

We Take Care Of Financing

We guide you through securing financing for your multi-family property, making it easier to compete in the market, even against seasoned investors.

We Offer Complete Property Management Services

From tenant screening to maintenance, we handle all aspects of property management, freeing you from the daily responsibilities of being a landlord.

We Deal With Tenant Issues Effectively

Our team manages all tenant-related challenges, including vacancies, disputes, and evictions, ensuring smooth operation and minimal disruption for you.

We Coordinate Maintenance and Repairs

We take care of maintenance and repair needs, ensuring tenant satisfaction and maintaining the value of your property, all without added stress for you.

We Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Our expertise in navigating landlord-tenant laws and building codes keeps your property compliant, protecting you from potential legal issues.

Ready to Stop Wasting Rent and Start Building Your Property Portfolio?

Steve's guidance was invaluable in our journey towards multi-family homeownership. As first-time buyers, we had so many questions and uncertainties. Steve's patient explanations, personalized advice, and step-by-step support made the entire process smooth and manageable. Thanks to Steve, we now own a property that not only meets our needs but also generates rental income. We couldn't have done it without him!

Emily Johnson

Satisfied Homeowner

I had always dreamed of owning a multi-family property, but I didn't know where to start. Steve's expertise and resources were a game-changer. From helping me secure financing to finding the perfect property and navigating tenant management, Steve was there every step of the way. Today, I'm not only a homeowner but also a successful property manager, all thanks to Steve's guidance.

Michael Smith

Satisfied Homeowner

Steve's services opened doors for us that we never thought possible. His in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, combined with his dedication to his clients' success, is truly remarkable. We felt supported and motivated throughout the entire process. Now, we're proud owners of a multi-family property that not only covers our mortgage but also adds to our financial stability. We're grateful for Steve's guidance and mentorship.

Jessica Martinez

Satisfied Homeowner

Transitioning from renting to property ownership was a daunting prospect for us, but Steve made it an achievable reality. His clear explanations, financial planning assistance, and access to a network of experts were invaluable. With Steve's help, we found the perfect multi-family property, and we're now enjoying the benefits of rental income while building equity. Steve's services are an investment that pays off.

Christopher Brown

Satisfied Homeowner

The Real Benefits of Multi-Family Property Ownership

Top 6 Reasons to Invest in Multi-Family Homes

Passive Income

Enjoy a regular extra income from your tenants, helping to pay off your mortgage or pad your monthly budget.


Watch your property's value grow over the years, a smart move for your long-term financial goals.

Low Down Payment Options

Get started in property investment with less upfront cash, thanks to special financing options for multi-family homes.

Tax Advantages

Keep more of your hard-earned money with tax breaks on things like interest and property upkeep.

Retirement Security

Build a comfy nest egg for your retirement, backed by a solid investment in real estate.

Generational Wealth

Set up your family for the future by passing down a valuable property, a real asset in their lives.

Ready to Stop Wasting Rent and Start Building Your Property Portfolio?

Meet The CEO

Hi I’m Steve Martin.

I’m a Top Producing Multi-Family Real Estate Agent. I've helped clients buy and sell over $100,000,000+ in Multifamily properties. I’m also the Founder/CEO of MultiFamilyProperties.Com. Publisher of the Multi-Family Times Newspaper. I currently own and manage 75+ rental units in MA, NH, RI and ME, including xSTR Hospitality LLC. A short-term vacation rental management business.

My mission is to help as many Americans buy a multi-family property as their starter home. I truly believe that every American should own at least 1 multifamily property, just like one would with stocks, mutual funds, and company matching 401-k programs. And buying a multi-family property as your first property, I believe is the safest, easiest and most affordable way to get started.

You really can't afford NOT to own a multi-family home and reap all the benefits. Not just the cashflow benefits, but also reducing your tax liability every year, increasing your equity each month (courtesy of your tenants), not to mention, this is the safest, easiest, and most affordable way to get started

Why Work With Us

Real Experience, Real Results

Stephen Martin, our CEO, has successfully bought and sold over $100 million in multi-family properties. This means you're getting advice from someone who's actually been there and done that in the real estate world.

We’re Property Owners Too

We manage more than 75 rental units, including Airbnb spots, in MA, NH, RI, and ME. We're not just talking theory here; we're actively involved in the day-to-day of property management.

Straightforward Coaching

We help you keep your eye on the prize. Our coaching isn’t about fancy jargon; it's about giving you clear, actionable steps to reach your property goals.

Experts at Your Fingertips

Need a mortgage lender? An accountant? A property manager? We connect you with real pros we trust and work with, so you're always in good hands.

Knowledge is Power

Whether you want to learn how to manage your property or let us handle it, we believe in making sure you understand your investment. Knowledge is key, and we’re here to share it.

Your Property, Your Choice

Want to be hands-on with your property? Great. Prefer to take a back seat? That’s fine too. We offer flexible management options to fit your style and needs.

We work with the best & brightest…

Multi-Family Experts in each market. We have hand selected the top real estate agents, mortgage professionals, property managers, legal teams, insurance agents and more to service all of your property investment needs from property search thru closing and beyond.

Consultation with a Real Estate Investment Expert Instantly

30 Mins
Schedule Your Free Real Estate Investment Strategy Call Today!

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Schedule Your Consultation with a Real Estate Investment Expert Instantly

Free Property Investment Strategy Session

By the end of this strategy session, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take towards owning a multi-family property, generating consistent income, and growing your real estate portfolio.

Find a time on our calendar, and we look forward to helping you craft a successful property investment and management strategy for your financial future!

This Property Investment Strategy Session Is Perfect For:

  • Individuals looking to transition from renting to owning a multi-family property as a starter home.

  • Prospective investors seeking to scale their real estate portfolio profitably.

  • Those looking to understand the potential of multi-family properties for consistent income and long-term equity growth.

  • Anyone looking to navigate the challenges of property investment, from securing financing to managing tenants and maintenance.

Still Have Questions?


What are the key benefits of transitioning from renting to multi-family homeownership, and how can your business help me achieve these benefits?

The key benefits include building wealth through real estate, supplementing your income through rental units, and gaining control over your living situation. Our business offers comprehensive education, personalized guidance, and ongoing support to empower you to make informed decisions and successfully transition into multi-family homeownership while managing properties effectively.

How can I afford the down payment and other upfront costs of purchasing a multi-family property?

We'll work with you to create a customized financial plan that outlines strategies to accumulate the necessary funds. This may include exploring down payment assistance programs, loan options, and savings strategies tailored to your financial situation and goals.

What if I have little to no experience in real estate investing or property management? How will your services help me navigate these challenges?

Our educational programs are designed for individuals with varying levels of experience. We start with the basics and provide step-by-step guidance. You'll gain the knowledge and confidence needed to manage multi-family properties effectively, even if you're a first-time investor.

What types of properties should I consider, and how can I identify the right multi-family property for my goals?

We'll help you identify property types that align with your investment objectives, whether it's duplexes, triplexes, or 4-plexes. Our services include property analysis and due diligence to evaluate potential investments, ensuring you make informed decisions that suit your needs.

What are the potential risks and challenges associated with multi-family homeownership, and how can your services help mitigate them?

Real estate investments come with inherent risks, such as market fluctuations and property management challenges. We provide risk mitigation strategies, property management tools, and ongoing support to help you proactively address challenges and reduce potential risks.

How will I stay motivated and accountable throughout this process, and what ongoing support can I expect from your business?

We offer ongoing support, including regular check-ins, mentorship opportunities, and access to a community of fellow investors. Our accountability structures will help you stay motivated, track your progress, and ensure you're making consistent strides toward your investment and homeownership goals.


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